The Butcher

The Butcher was a demon encountered in the Tristram Cathedral during the Darkening of Tristram.

A bloated and grotesque creature,1 The Butcher was a sadistic being that relished in the torture and pain of others.2 It was also masochistic, and its own hands were damaged as the result of its torture.
3While the Butcher Demons were once servants of Diablo,4 this particular Butcher was a servant of Andariel by the Darkening of Tristram,5 though at the least, acted in a manner that served the Lord of Terror’s ends. The creature first made itself known to the people of Tristram when Lazarus led them into the depths of the Cathedral as part of a trap. A horde of demons set upon the townsfolk,6 The Butcher among them. Wielding a cleaver as large as an axe, the creature cut down any who stood against it. Some townsfolk made it back to the surface, but the wounds that The Butcher inflicted left them festering with disease, that even the town’s healer found almost impossible to treat.2

The Butcher made his lair in a chamber in the lower levels of the Cathedral. Prior to the return of Prince Aidan, at least one group of adventurers stumbled across the beast. They had entered the cathedral for loot, but found themselves beset by Imps, before finally The Butcher himself descended on them. All but one of them were killed, as the only survivor left his friends to die. However, The Butcher managed to inflict a wound on his arm that nearly took it off, leaving Tristram’s healer with no choice but to remove the limb.7

The Butcher met his end at the hands of Aidan, as well as two companions.1 As they approached his chamber, they heard the screams of his victims, and blood pouring out from the door. Opening it, they beheld The Butcher, who grinned at the promise of fresh meat before setting on them with his cleaver.3 However, they were able to dispatch the beast.12

The Butcher

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