Diablo Reimagined

The Search for Prince Albrect

The Butcher

“Please, listen to me. The Archbishop Lazarus, he led us down here to find the lost prince. The bastard led us into a trap! Now everyone is dead… Killed by a demon he called the Butcher. Avenge us! Find this Butcher and slay him so that our souls may finally rest…”

These are the words uttered by a townsman as he is dying in the house of Pepin the Healer. Pepin – upon hearing this says,

“By the Light, I know of this vile Demon. There were many that bore the scars of his wrath upon their bodies when the few survivors of the charge led by Lazarus crawled from the Cathedral. I don’t know what he used to slice open his victims, but it could not have been of this world. It left wounds festering with disease and even I found them almost impossible to treat. Beware if you plan to battle this fiend…”

He suggests that you talk to Deckard Cain for more knowledge and for assistance. He also offers each hero free healing if they need it.

Deckard Cain – when asked about the Butcher says,
“It seems that the Archbishop Lazarus goaded many of the townsmen into venturing into the Labyrinth to find the King’s missing son. He played upon their fears and whipped them into a frenzied mob. None of them were prepared for what lay within the Cold Earth…Lazarus abandoned them down there – left in the clutches of unspeakable horrors – to die.”

He will offer them a scroll of Teleportation that they can use to teleport back to the town. Deckard Cain will close the portal if he thinks there is danger even if not all the party members are back.


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